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Support the Tilburg dance scene with € 5 per month and get all you can dance training for yourself or someone else.

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CIRCLE Dance will use your donations to set up weekly dance classes for at least 3 months starting on September 12th 2017. Normally, we pay the teacher a share of the revenue. But then we’ll be able to pay our teachers fixed rates of € 50 for a 90 minute class. This will make it more attractive for teachers to teach their classes in Tilburg. Active donors will be able to join all our classes in Tilburg for free if they reserve a spot online or via our iPhone app before the class. There will be a limit of 15 participants per class. First comes, first serves.


You'll donate € 5/month for a minimum of three months. You’ll donate the first € 5 right away. The monthly donations will start on October 1st 2017 - if we received 50 donators before the campaign ends. If we don't make it, we’ll offer a refund, of course. You’ll be able to stop the monthly donations at any given moment and we give you a 30 days money-back guarantee if you’re not convinced.


In case we do not get the 50 donors, we’ll need to look into one of these three options. A) We revert to our normal way of doing things. Donors will be offered to get one free class (value of € 7) or to get a refund. The scheduled teachers will be offered to teach for a share of the revenue. Taking one class will cost between € 7-9 like before. B) We ask the donors if they’d be open to pay a higher monthly donation. C) We ask the teachers to teach for a lower fee. This is the least favorable option as we believe in the value of our art and the teachers’ qualities.



We are always happy to hear from you. Chat us up, call or send an email.