Chia-hui Cheng
Chia-hui is 34 years old
Lives in , originally from Trying to find one at the mome
Dancing now with Los Angeles Movement Arts, Cornerspoon
before with
Studied at California State Universtiy - Los Angeles
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
before for Xcompany
Choreographing X at Y
before Xpiece

Studied dance in NY and LA. Graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and Dance with a focus in Dance. Has worked with choreographers like Eiko and Koma, Yin Mei Critchell, Rachael Lincoln, Krenly Guzman, Hae Kyung Lee, Holly Johnston, and Jacques Heim.


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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