Albert Ciastek
Albert is 28 years old
Lives in , originally from London
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Studied at London Contemporary Dance School
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
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EDUCATION 2010- 2013 London Contemporary Dance School London, UK whilst studying at LCDS I became a versatile technical dancer, improviser and performer. I explored a range of contemporary techniques; focusing on Cunningham, Release and Floor work; supporting knowledge with daily ballet practice. During my time at LCDS, I have also enjoyed improvising classes and learning contact skills. PERFOMANCE 2013 ‘Improv on the rocks’, during the dance event ‘ Improv on the rocks’ organised by Drew Hawkings I performed an improvised piece with a collective of selected dancers at Wenlock and Essexs, London 2013 ‘Mix’ choreographed by Dam Van Huyn, LC3 company the piece was created for LCDS graduation. As part of LC3 tour it was performed across UK, Wales with a final performance in Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London 2013 ‘Improvisation into performance’ led by Rick Nodine a 20 minutes improvised performance using text, movement and acting staged at Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London 2010-2013 London Contemporary Dance School whilst studying for BA (Hons) Degree I performed various pieces, choreographed by, amongst the others: Merce Cunningham, Richard Alston, Hans van Manen, Sasha Roubicek and also various work choreographed by fellow students


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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