Anne van Veen
Anne is 33 years old
Lives in utrecht, originally from Utrecht
Dancing now with Theatermakerij STORM, Art XChange
before with
Studied at DeDansopleiding (ROCMN), ArtEZ
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
before for Xcompany
Choreographing X at Y
before Xpiece

Graduated in 2011 from De Dansopleiding ROCMN (full time urban dance program), studied at ArtEZ Dance Academy for one year before that (Dance Education). Worked as a dancer for a.o.: Theatermakerij STORM (2012-present), Fields of Wonder (2012), SM van der Linden (2011), STRAAT (2010-2011). Please visit my website for more information and full CV:


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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