Andrew Greenwood
Andrew is 2019 years old
Lives in Tilburg, originally from
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Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
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Andrew graduated Royal Ballet School. He performed as a dancer in London Festival Ballet (Director John Field and Peter Schaufuss), Dusseldorf Stadttheater (Director Hienz Spoerli), Koln Opera House (Director Jochen Ulirich), National Ballet of Brazil Rio de Janeiro do Theatro Municipal (Director Richard Cragun), and more. He was a resident Ballet Master and guest teacher at National Ballet Portugal, Stuttgart Ballet, Hanover Stadttheater, Finnish National Ballet, Theater an Gartnerplatz in Munich and National Ballet Serbia Belgrade in Serbia. His vision of dance is “Dance is one of the most physically demanding art disciplines, in the world of theatre today. Dancers are frequently expected to work to the limits of their strength and ability. As dance moves into the 21st century many aspects of dance are changing constantly, so to support this progressive development, l believe one should designed the class to enhance this fascinating change in the World of dance and provide new ways of reaching the new demands and levels asked of dancers. My class is first pure in the classical sense of the word, it is based upon the foundations of classical ballet, but with, should we say many sub-elements. The sub-elements are like branches from a great tree with its roots stuck firmly in traditional values.”


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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