Dafna Dudovich
Dafna is 34 years old
Lives in , originally from Rotterdam
Dancing now with station zuid,dansgroup amsterdam,fresco dance company,vertigo company,the kibbutz company.
before with
Studied at Kibbuts School (Israel), Rotterdam Dance Academy.
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
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Choreographing X at Y
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June 2011-october2011: danced at Danshuis Station Zuid in a production called LUST. Participating in the piece choreographed by Ahmed taigue. jan2011-july2011:danced in Dance Group Amsterdam. performed in Kriztina De Chattel piece "change". Participated in Andonis Foniadakis piece "psyche". Jan2010-july2010: danced in "Fresco Dance Company \'Yoram karmi." Israel Holon. Participate as a dancer ,as well created materials , in Yoram\'s work "The king\'s new out-fit." Ballet teachers: Yoram karmi, Walter Cinquinelle, keren horesh. Sep2009-jan2010: danced in "Vertigo Dance company." Israel,Jerusalem Participated in Noa Verthaiimm\'s work "Birth of the phoenix". Sep2007-july2009: danced in "The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company.". Israel,ga\'aton. danced in Rami Be\'er\'s works such as: "Aid Memorial", Kif-kafim", "Nemashim", "Peter and the wolf", "Animal karnaval". Created a duet for a special evening for the company founder Yehudit Arnon. Ballet teachers: Alexander Alexandrov, Nikolai De Lusignan ,Martin troy corri.


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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