Lorenzo Capodieci
Lorenzo is 29 years old
Lives in Rotterdam, originally from Trieste, Italy
Dancing now with LorenzoCapodieciIP, cie Woest,
before with
Studied at Rotterdam Dance Academy
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
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Choreographing X at Y
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Lorenzo Capodieci was born in Trieste, Italy in 1990. Since an early age he developed a high interest in arts; music, theater and visual art. At the age of 15 he starts dancing in Trieste at A. I. Artinscena and in Ronchi dei Legionari(GO) at Cenacolo Arabesque. In 2008 he creates his first choreography for a school project by Irene Brigitte Puzzo. In 2009 he moves to The Netherlands to starts the Bachelor in Dance program at Codarts, Rotterdam Dance Academy where he gained technique and had the opportunity to work as dancer on diverse modern and contemporary repertory pieces as well as in new creations. Choreography's by Jiri Kylian, Martha Graham, Bill T. Jones, Lucas Jervies, Club Guy & Rony. In Rotterdam he also participates projects in collaboration with visual artists. In 2011 Lorenzo creates 'SPOSTARE, move, shift, rotate'. A work in progress was presented at Opendans festival Rotterdam in 2012 which was for him the first occasion of understanding the importance of choreography in his life. Also in 2012 he presents the piece 'when time made two potentials meet' in collaboration with the dancers. In June 2012 he attended Choreographic Collision 6 - Corpo a Corpo choreographic training course by Danzavenezia under the artistic direction of Ismael Ivo in collaboration with La Biennale di Venezia in the 8th International Festival of Contemporary Dance. In his work he is often interested in the process on: Relation abstraction-emotion, humanity, challenge on complexity, questioning-doubt-decision making, meeting-relation. From July 2012 to June 2013 Lorenzo danced with 'De Dansers' in Utrecht (NL) and he is now graduated and working as an independent artist and freelance dancer based in The Netherlands and in Trieste, Italy. In 2014 he worked as performer with Piet Rogie in Rotterdam, Karine Guizzo in Den Haag, Cie Woest in Amsterdam and he collaborated with Mersiha Mesihovic/CircuitDebris in New York City. He is more and more specializing in sight specific and location performances on which he already had the opportunity to work on with 'De Dansers'. In 2015 Lorenzo has been working at Maas theater en dans dancing in 'Kraai' by Jasper van Luijk, at Toneelgroep Oostpool in the performance 'Party Monster' choreographed by Cecilia Moisio and directed by Marcus Azzini for De Parade 2015 in Rotterdam, performing also in the 'L.O.V.E.' by Cecilia Moisio touring in 2015/16. In the summer 2015 he perfored in the tour of Cie Woest with the performance 'Leaving Normal'. (see the page calendar for dates of the upcoming performances) A side of the work as performer he regularly collaborate with visual artists as model.   visit my page on facebook for up to date info, performances and media _________________________________________________________________________________________ And don\'t forget to check my website www.lorenzocapodieci.altervista.org


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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