Angela Herenda
Angela is 32 years old
Lives in , originally from Zadar, Croatia
Dancing now with
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Studied at Blagoje Bersa Music School, Rotterdam Dance Academy
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
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Choreographing X at Y
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Born in a small town in the coast of Croatia in 1988 when the star was bright red and the land was called Yugoslavia. Started dancing and acting during the war that has many names in a refugee camp in Istria. Shortly after returning to hometown enrolled a small music school and became the next "girl that is gonna make something out of herself". I liked to roll on the floor the most, not point my toes, so I taught myself something I called floorwork. Enrolled Rotterdam Dance Academy where they told me everything I do is beautiful but not correct. Set a record in how-many-projects-can-you-do-at-the-same-time, graduated with flying colors, and then the culture disaster happened in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, I got the chance to work with some inspiring people, Andreas Denk, Jens van Daele, Georg Reischl, Miek Uittenhout, Random Collision crew, Chun Ho Lam, Ariel Cohen, Osnat Kelner to name a few.


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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