Codarts Alumni
Codarts is 59 years old
Lives in , originally from Rotterdam, NL
Dancing now with Codarts
before with
Studied at Rotterdam Dance Academy
Teaches Modern, Ballet classes
before for Xcompany
Choreographing X at Y
before Xpiece

Codarts supports Rotterdam's freelance dance scene and their Alumni and offers 2 x 2,5 hours of studio space exclusively to Codarts Alumni through CIRCLE Rotterdam. Please prepare a list of everyone who will be with you in the studio with the full names, email adresses and who is Codarts Alumni. We reserve the right to deny bookings if there are less than 75% of the participants Codarts Alumni. Contact CIRCLE support if you have questions.


Total Points
 75 Ballet classes
 92 Modern classes
 17 Workouts
 2 Workshops
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